The fascinating Booted bantam

The Booted bantam is a versatile chicken that easily adapts to different living conditions. They feel at home in both large gardens and smaller spaces. In addition, they are excellent layers of small but nutritious eggs.

Sabelpoot kriel

Origin of the Booted Bantam chickens

The Booted bantam chicken is a fascinating and elegant ornamental chicken breed that originated in the Netherlands and Belgium. Also known as the Booted Bantam, these unique chickens have been loved by breeders and chicken enthusiasts since the 17th century. Their striking appearance and charming character make them a special addition to any chicken coop.

Characteristics of the Booted Bantam

The Booted Bantam chicken has several distinctive physical characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. Their most distinctive feature is the abundant feathering on their legs and feet, which gives them a graceful and almost regal appearance. This feathering, also called “booted legs,” is not only beautiful to look at, but also gives the chickens a unique elegance.

In addition to their feathered legs, Booted bantam chickens have a compact and sturdy body. They are small in size, which makes them ideal for both large gardens and smaller spaces. Their feathers can come in a variety of colors and patterns, including buff, black, white, and millefleur, making for a colorful and varied appearance.

Health and care

Although Booted Bantam chickens are generally robust and healthy, their feathered legs require extra attention. It is important to keep their legs clean and dry to prevent infections. Furthermore, they are quite resistant to different weather conditions. At De Meidoornhoeve, we make sure our Booted Bantam chickens receive the best care and nutrition to keep them in optimal condition.

Origin and history

The history of the Booted Bantam chicken dates back to the early years of chicken breeding in the Low Countries. This breed was developed through selective breeding of local breeds to create an ornamental chicken that was both visually appealing and friendly. Over the centuries, these chickens have maintained their popularity not only in the Netherlands and Belgium but beyond.

Friendly and tame character

Booted bantam chickens are known for their friendly and tame nature. They are sociable and love to be around people. Their calm and pleasant nature makes them suitable for both novice and experienced chicken keepers. These chickens are also very active and love to scavenge and explore, which adds to their charming personality.

Booted bantam chickens at De Meidoornhoeve

Our animals are kept in excellent conditions and receive high-quality nutrition, so they retain their unique beauty and friendly nature. Visit us to admire these special chickens up close and learn more about their care and behavior.