About De Meidoornhoeve

At the heart of Meidoornhoeve lies our passion for poultry, where care and expertise come together. We strive to ensure the well-being and health of our poultry, supported by our proud recognition by reputable bodies.

Our commitment

established in quality and health

Our team is fully committed to the welfare of our birds, which prestigious certificates from the Food Agency and Animal Health Care Flanders have recognized. This forms the basis of our confidence in the health and immunity we offer our fowls through a thorough vaccination schedule.

From the very beginning, we ensure that our day-old chicks receive all the care and attention they need. Our dedication ensures that they can leave the farm from 5 months old, ready to make a healthy contribution to each new home.

Want to meet?

We welcome you to experience up close the care, knowledge, and passion that defines Meidoornhoeve. Your questions and interest in our way of working are most welcome. Please feel free to contact us so we can turn your curiosity into knowledge.