The beautiful Marans chickens

The Marans is a versatile chicken that easily adapts to different living conditions. They feel at home in both large gardens and smaller spaces. In addition, they are excellent laying hens that regularly produce beautiful, dark eggs.


Origin of Marans chickens

The Marans chicken is a fascinating and versatile breed that originated in western France. Named after the town of Marans in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, this breed was developed as early as the 19th century. Marans chickens are famous for their dark, chocolate-brown eggs and robust health, making them a favorite among chicken breeders worldwide.

Characteristics of the Marans chicken

Marans chickens are easily recognized by their distinctive appearance and the color of their eggs. Their feathers are usually black with a green sheen, but they also come in other color varieties such as copper black, wheat and cuckoo. These chickens have a sturdy, medium-sized build and an upright posture.

The most striking characteristic of the Marans chicken, however, is the color of their eggs. Marans chickens lay deep chocolate brown eggs, which are often considered the most beautiful and unique eggs in the world. These eggs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also large and nutritious.

Healthy and resilient

The Marans chicken is a robust and healthy breed. They cope well with different weather conditions and have strong immunity to common chicken diseases. At De Meidoornhoeve, we ensure that our Marans chickens receive the best care and nutrition to keep them in top condition.

Origin and development

The development of the Marans chicken began in the small town of Marans, where farmers were looking for a chicken that both produced excellent eggs and withstood local weather conditions well. By crossing native chickens with imported breeds such as the Croad Langshan and other Asian chickens, a breed was created that was both productive and strong. The Marans chicken quickly became popular for its unique eggs and robust nature.

Marans chickens at De Meidoornhoeve

At De Meidoornhoeve we pay great attention to the care of our animals. Our Marans chickens receive the best living conditions and nutrition. This allows them to maintain their unique beauty and friendly character. Visit De Meidoornhoeve and discover for yourself the charm of the Marans chickens. Be surprised by their elegant appearance and friendly nature.

Friendly and social character

Marans chickens are known for their friendly and social nature. They are quiet, tame, and easy to handle, making them ideal for families and novice chicken keepers. Their quiet nature also makes them well-suited for mixed flocks with other chicken breeds.