The Mystical Ayam Cemani

At Meidoornhoeve, we have a special breed of chicken: the Ayam Cemani. This unique chicken is originally from Indonesia and is completely black. Both her feathers and her skin, eyes, and comb are deep black. This gives the Ayam Cemani a mystical and impressive appearance.

Stop by Meidoornhoeve and meet our mystical black chickens. We welcome you to admire these unique chickens up close.

Sierkippen Rits -Ayam Cemani

Unique appearance of the Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani is truly a chicken in its own right. Her black feathers shine beautifully in the sunlight and immediately attract attention. At Meidoornhoeve you can admire this special chicken up close and enjoy its unique appearance. This chicken is a real eye-catcher in any chicken coop.

Friendly and social

This ornamental chicken not only has a special appearance but also a friendly character. These chickens are social and easygoing. They like to scratch around and are curious by nature. At Meidoornhoeve we make sure our black chickens have a nice living environment where they can exhibit their natural behavior.

Healthy and powerful

Besides its striking appearance, the Ayam Cemani is also known for its health and strength. This breed of chicken is robust and copes well with different weather conditions. At Meidoornhoeve, we take good care of our Ayam Cemani chickens to keep them healthy and strong. This allows them to maintain their unique beauty.

Ayam Cemani at Meidoornhoeve

At Meidoornhoeve, we value the care of our animals. Our Ayam Cemani chickens receive the best care and nutrition. We make sure they can live in a safe and spacious environment. Visit Meidoornhoeve and discover for yourself the special charm of the Ayam Cemani. Be surprised by their unique black appearance and friendly character.