The charming Frizzled Cochin

At De Meidoornhoeve, we are proud of our special ornamental chickens with curly feathers. These ornamental chickens are unique due to their distinctive curly feathers and friendly nature. The Frizzled Cochin originates from China and is loved by chicken lovers around the world.

cochin krulveer grijs

Origins of the Gold Brakel Chickens.

The Gold Brakel chicken is a Belgian breed with a rich history. This ancient breed originated in the Brakel region of East Flanders and has been kept since the Middle Ages. Gold Brakel chickens are known for their good egg production and beautiful feathers.

Friendly and social character

In addition to its striking appearance, the Frizzled Cochin is also known for its friendly and social nature. These chickens are calm and easygoing, making them ideal for families. At De Meidoornhoeve, we take good care of our Frizzled Cochin chickens so that they maintain their friendly nature.

Healthy and resilient

The Frizzled Cochin is not only beautiful but also robust and healthy. This breed of chicken copes well with different weather conditions and stays healthy most of the time. At De Meidoornhoeve we give our ornamental chickens the best care and nutrition to keep them healthy and happy.

Unique appearance of the Frizzled Cochin

This ornamental chicken is a real eye-catcher. Her feathers are full and soft and have a special curl. This gives the Frizzled Cochin a charming and unique appearance. At De Meidoornhoeve you can admire these beautiful chickens up close and enjoy their beauty.

Frizzled Cochins at De Meidoornhoeve

At De Meidoornhoeve, we take great care of our animals. Our Frizzled Cochin chickens receive the best living conditions and nutrition. This allows them to maintain their unique beauty and friendly nature. Visit De Meidoornhoeve and discover the charm of these ornamental chickens with curly feathers. Be surprised by their special curly feathers and friendly nature.

More about the Gold Brakel

The Gold Brakel is a versatile chicken that easily adapts to different living conditions. These chickens feel at home in both a large yard and a smaller space. In addition, they are excellent layers, regularly producing beautiful, large eggs. At De Meidoornhoeve, we would be happy to tell you more about the care and behavior of these charming chickens.