The majestic Brahma

At the Meidoornhoeve, we welcome you to discover our beautiful Brahma chickens. These impressive chickens are known for their large size and friendly nature. This chicken is a true king among ornamental chickens.

Sierkippen Rits -Brahma 1

Brahma chickens and their origins

This breed has a rich history and is originally from Asia. This breed is known for its good health and resilience. At De Meidoornhoeve we are happy to tell you more about the background and characteristics of this special chicken.

Quiet and friendly character

In addition to their impressive appearance, Brahma chickens also have a calm and friendly nature. They are easy to handle and ideal for families. At Meidoornhoeve, we make sure that our ornamental chickens live in a quiet and safe environment, so their friendly nature is well reflected.

Unique appearance of the Brahma

This chicken is a real eye-catcher. With their large size, full feathering, and impressive tail, they draw attention. The feathers come in different colors, making each chicken unique. At De Meidoornhoeve you can enjoy this majestic appearance.

Brahma chickens at the Meidoornhoeve

At Meidoornhoeve we pay great attention to the care of our animals. Our ornamental chickens receive the best nutrition and living conditions. This keeps them healthy and happy. Visit De Meidoornhoeve and discover for yourself the charm and beauty of the Brahma chickens. Be surprised by their impressive size and friendly character.