The charming Dutch Bantam

The Dutch bantam is a versatile chicken that easily adapts to different living conditions. These chickens feel at home in both a large yard and a smaller space. In addition, they are excellent laying hens, regularly beautiful,

Sierkippen Rits -Hollandse kriel

Origin of the Dutch bantam chickens

The Dutch Bantam chicken is a charming and versatile breed that originated in the Netherlands. This breed was developed as early as the 17th century and is known as one of the oldest bantam breeds in the world. The Dutch Bantam is loved for its small size, lively character and excellent laying ability, making them a favorite among chicken keepers.


The Dutch Bantam chicken is small in size, but big in personality. These chickens have a lively and energetic nature, making them a pleasure to watch. They are known for their upright posture, brightly colored comb and vibrant feathers. The most common color varieties are black, white, blue and partridge, although many other varieties exist. One of the notable characteristics of the Dutch Bantam is their exceptional laying ability. Despite their small size, they lay relatively large and numerous eggs, making them a valuable addition to any chicken keeper.

Versatility and use

The Dutch Bantam is popular not only because of their egg production, but also because of their friendly and social nature. They are tame and easy to handle, making them ideal for families and novice chicken keepers. In addition, they are excellent free-range chickens that thrive in both small gardens and larger plots.

Origin and development

The development of the Dutch Bantam began in Dutch villages, where farmers were looking for a chicken that was both small and productive. By selectively breeding from local breeds, they created a compact chicken that perfectly suited the limited space of farms and gardens. The result was a small but robust breed that stood up well to Dutch climates.

Dutch Bantam chickens at De Meidoornhoeve

At De Meidoornhoeve, we are proud of our beautiful Dutch Bantam chickens. We raise and care for our chickens with the utmost care, allowing you to enjoy their unique features and cheerful presence. Visit us and discover for yourself the charm of Dutch Bantam chickens. Their lively character and productivity will surely enchant you.