The extraordinary Araucana ornamental chicken

At the Meidoornhoeve we are proud of our beautiful Araucana chickens. Originally from Chile, these unique chickens are known for their distinctive blue-green eggs. This chicken is special not only because of her eggs but also because of her charming appearance and friendly nature.

Sierkippen Rits -Araucana

Blue-green eggs: A special feature

What makes the Araucana special are its eggs. The blue-green color of the eggs is a real eye-catcher. Many people are surprised by this special color, which you don’t often see with other chicken breeds. Our Araucana chickens lay regularly, ensuring a constant supply of these unique eggs.

Friendly and social character

Besides their good looks and special eggs, Araucana chickens are also very friendly. They are calm and easy-going, which makes them ideal for families. At the Meidoornhoeve, we take good care of our chickens, keeping them healthy and happy. This ensures that they retain their friendly nature.

Striking appearance of the Araucana

The Araucana chicken is easily recognized by its unusual appearance. She has no tail, which gives her a unique look. In addition, she has tufts on the side of her face, which makes her even cuter. At the Meidoornhoeve, you can admire these beautiful chickens up close and learn more about their unique characteristics.

Araucana chickens at the Meidoornhoeve

At De Meidoornhoeve, we place great importance on caring for our animals. Our chickens receive the best care and nutrition. We make sure they can live in a safe and spacious environment. Visit De Meidoornhoeve and discover for yourself the charm of the Araucana chicken. Be surprised by their unique eggs and friendly character.